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Mreeuh Chang is a tattooer, painter, children's book author and illustrator. A multi-faceted and extreme personality seeking universality, her work blends the foreign and familiar, ancient and modern, imagination and intellect. With a keen eye for detail, sense of adventure, wit and a passionate curiosity toward all living things, her work is inspired by nature, anatomy, geometric pattern, architecture, animals, astrology, religious archetypes and goddesses from around the world. 

She is the daughter of South Korean immigrants, born and raised in Atlanta, GA. A craftsperson and writer at heart, from a young age she explored creative outlets including jewelry making, photography, art direction, and occasionally painting. At the age of 17, she relocated to Cincinnati, OH where she pursued a university degree to no avail and took on a tattoo apprenticeship at Studio Seven Design under Randall "Seven” Croley El, where she worked for three years.