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American outsider artist Susan Crew was born in Chicago, Illinois, raised in Newburgh, Indiana, a small river town of 1500 people and is now a resident artist at Essex Studios in Cincinnati, OH. Formally trained in depth psychology (Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Cincinnati), after a full career as a psychologist, she eventually followed her heart into what is now a full-time pursuit of making art. Her works have been shown in juried shows and galleries in Cincinnati, including CCAC Golden Ticket, Dick Waller’s Art Place, Art Beyond Boundaries, Art on Vine, Upstairs at the Greenwich, Kennedy Heights Arts Center, The Mockbee, and Redtree Gallery.

 Artist Statement: Moments of lucidity, windows into the invisible realm of archetypal energies and spirit, this is what I work to create in my paintings. I immerse myself in a dialogue with unseen forces as I work to make these forces visible. Gesture, movement and strong color are my primary tools. This dialogue filled with action and experiment manifests in the finished painting. The viewer completes the creative process.