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I think of myself as a Minimalist. My works consists primarily of LINE DRAWINGS. My preferred medium is pen and ink, brush and ink, markers or mixed media which includes water color, acrylic and oil. My ultimate goal is to be able to with only one line, cause the viewer to pause and declare that this stroke was made be a master! My love for drawing goes back to when I was 5 years old. I could always find a pencil or crayon and that goes for paper as well. I would draw even if it meant pulling apart an old used envelope or a brown paper bag. Even when I’m painting or sculpting I’m drawing.

The line is life to me. I admire draftsmanship. I have been greatly influenced by ancient cave paintings, the early Egyptians and other African artisans. The Chinese and Japanese Sumi painters demonstrated an exquisite understanding of both line and tone. I try to evoke this feeling and understanding in my work as well.