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Adam Maloney displays on large canvas often times in the form of guerilla art. Currently located in Cincinnati, Maloney draws on paper, cardboard, foam board, canvas, and often on everyday found surfaces. Maloney’s work tends to concern nuclear terrorism, classic nineteen eighties video games, and wholesale pop culture eroticism featuring the everyday girl next door beautiful woman. Frenzied and archaic two-dimensional compositions express simple themes and ideas. Maloney very commonly gives drawings away for free or creates a 2D compositions in public spaces. Such pieces are given away as a social service, in an effort to subtly enrich people’s everyday lives.

The patron is then in total control of the composition, hopefully encouraging them to explore the readily accessible aesthetics of contemporary mass media society. If a composition is for sale, the price is typically reasonably cheap or the buyers can name their own price. Maloney also prefers to exhibit in public spaces.

On Jan. 2002, Maloney was in a car wreck suffering a diffuse axonal injury, a traumatic brain injury. The diffuse axonal injury gave Maloney weakness and contracture in his left arm, hand, leg, and foot. Following surgeries and extensive therapy, he now uses a cane to walk. Self-induced art therapy has been the key factor in Maloney’s recovery thus far, giving him a means of both dealing with his disability and the ability to make a meaningful contribution to society.



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