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Caroline Pyle lives and works in Indianapolis, Indiana.  A self-taught artist, she has painted for over 15 years – exhibiting in major cities across the United States including: Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati and New York City. She has been featured in a variety of publications over the years and held memberships in professional art organizations.  A community-minded individual, she has volunteered for an organization dedicated to creating space for artists with disabilities.  She currently holds virtual classes exposing youth to abstract art.


Each life has a story to tell.  Painting has become the voice to share my story.  After surviving a life threatening automobile accident that took years of therapy to recover both my cognitive and physical functions, I discovered my innate, artistic talent through painting.  It became part of my healing process.  Though I had a long standing career in the field of  public health, this catastrophic event showed me the connection between creativity and personal health.  I now embrace this newly discovered passion in a more committed way.