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Various levels of sponsorship are available for ABB exhibitions, performances, programs, and benefit events.

ABB's corporate sponsorship program provides significant media exposure, promotional opportunities through its extensive global press network, creative activation and content opportunities, product development, and licensing, as well as unparalleled access to the Museum for clients and employees alike. To meet strategic business objectives and marketing goals, ABB works collaboratively with its corporate sponsors.

What Does a ABB Fellowship Offer?

• Financial support, time, and space to conduct sustained research • Exposure to practical curatorial work, hands-on conservation treatments, and cutting-edge scientific research • Weekly programs designed exclusively for fellows to connect with new colleagues, share ideas, and discuss current issues in the field • An unparalleled art collection and vast library holdings • A base in New York City, a nexus of scholarship with world-renowned universities, cultural institutions, and libraries • Opportunities to travel the world

Weekly Gatherings / Annual Spring Colloquia

Through a weekly program that includes informal conversations, gallery talks, and departmental visits, fellows meet with Gallery curators, conservators, exhibition designers, educators, publishers, collections managers, members of the digital staff, and gallery leadership. Among the brightest minds and most interesting innovators working in art galleries today, these individuals contribute to an expansive understanding of gallery work. They also offer fellows the chance to establish relationships with their current and future colleagues. Each spring, The ABB's Academic and Professional Programs division hosts the annual Fellows Colloquia. This is a series of eight to ten weekly symposia in which fellows share their exciting research projects and progress with the wider ABB community and the public.

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